The DC Trawler’s Jim Treacher brings us classic audio from Hardball host Chris Matthews, who, this morning, in an interview with Mary Katharine Ham on WMAL in D.C., tried to say he never fretted in 2009 that Tea Partiers might become violent. When MKH calls him out for a specific quote, he admits lamely, “Well, obviously, I meant it at the time.”

The entire clip covers quite a bit of ground — Matthews shills for his new book “Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero” and talks Florida, too — but the juicy bit comes at about 6:09, when MKH begins to grill him about his Tea Party/Occupy double standard.

Eh, well. At least Chris Matthews and Debbie Wasserman Schultz and countless other hypocritical liberals are consistently inconsistent. They never flinch when somebody calls them out for their double standard. It’s almost as though it’s a point of pride with them to continue in it while feigning objectivity and/or calling out their rhetorical opponents for nonexistent contradictions. Their gig has been up for ages, but they just keep playing anyway.

In the same interview this morning, for example, Matthews actually tried to make the case that he attempts to examine American politics objectively. NewsBusters’ Ken Shepherd provides a short list of Matthews’ more biased moments:

Ah yes, the ever-objective Chris Matthews, who has, on national TV:

It never gets old — amassing the evidence of an utter lack of self-awareness.