You knew it was coming. Barack Obama had to have known it was coming, too — and pretty much from the minute he opened his mouth to whine about Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s treatment of him in her book Scorpions for Breakfast. You almost have to wonder whether the president wanted this to happen. Is there something else in Brewer’s book that makes Republicans seem unlikable? But, no, the president is just petty and self-protective.

At any rate, if this isn’t proof that conservatives rally around anybody who is willing to pick a fight with the president, I don’t know what is.

Jan Brewer’s confrontation with President Barack Obama Wednesday may or may not have been good politics for the Arizona governor. But it was definitely good for her book sales. …

The brouhaha is certainly helping sales of the book, according to’s rankings. Prior to the tarmac tiff, the book ranked 276,665th in sales. By midday Thursday, it was 56th and climbing.

That ascent is sharper and faster than Obama’s own rise from relative obscurity to the presidency. Half of me is pleased for Jan Brewer and half of me pities the president. The poor guy just can’t seem to help himself. First, he’s patronizing and condescending, then he’s whiny and ungracious when someone calls him “patronizing” and “condescending.” All that MSM adulation certainly hasn’t taught him to cope with the inevitable criticism that comes with a public position. Even I’ve learned not to lash out at commenters who suggest I’ve got less than half a brain — and the president has a few years and life experiences on me. You’d think he’d have built up a little immunity to criticism by now. His thin skin is evidence that everybody wants to be liked — regardless of whether he’s got a reelection on the line, but especially if he does.