In the spirit of ESPN’s “Not Top 10” and other lists of not the best but worst moments of the year, I bring you this amusing collection of ironically awful moments in local news. It’s hard to say which one should be ranked No. 1, but my votes go to either (a) the supposedly sweet-tempered rottweiler that just loses it (at about 0:13) or (b) the news reporter who just can’t seem to get a grip as she looks around an empty seating area with a terrified expression (at about 4:15). I definitely enjoyed laughing at the expense of the folks in this video, but, if my first national TV appearance taught me anything, it’s that, on live TV, anything can happen — and, if you can’t laugh about unexpected mistakes, what can you laugh at? It’s one of the most glorious facts of our humanity: No matter how far we come, we’re still flawed. Ain’t it great?

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