RealClearPolitics has compiled a series of little previews of the First Couple’s interview with Barbara Walters, set to air on 20/20 tonight. Every clip is notable in its own way, but this wins the award for most candid. The president — who has alternately inspired, disappointed, reignited and flamed out — admits that, deep down, he’s a little bit lazy. He thinks it stems from growing up in Hawaii, where it’s always sunny and folks sit on the beach for sport, he said. Makes you think Obama’s constant accusations that Congress does nothing might actually be transparent projections of his own disappointment in himself. Click the image to watch.

Meantime, the top clip of Michelle comes when the First Lady says it’s “practical” to put herself first. She can’t care for other if she doesn’t first care for herself. Too bad “taking care of herself” means expensing vacations to taxpayers. Click the image to watch.