Ed made the case this morning as to why Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner must go (and he should!), but, so far, little discussion has focused on who his successor should be. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee decided to start that ball rolling with a sensational suggestion. Political Ticker reports:

Amid calls by the GOP for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s resignation, one Republican is offering an unorthodox choice for a potential replacement.

“Ask Donald Trump to be Treasury secretary,” Mike Huckabee said on Fox News Channel.

The former Arkansas governor elaborated: “Have Donald Trump take the job for 90 days. It’s a game changer.”

“Right now, the president needs something that is truly a game changer, and he doesn’t have that in Geithner,” Huckabee said.

Once the president taps him for Treasury, Trump’s first act should, of course, be to tell Geithner, “You’re fired.” And if taking the Treasury Secretary position would keep the Donald from mounting an independent campaign for the presidency and effectively diminishing Republican chances at winning in 2012, then I’m sold. Seriously, though, the Huckster is right to suggest the president should select someone who knows a thing or two about job creation — and, unlike Geithner who earlier this year discredited fears of the nation’s discrediting, Trump saw this coming (as we all should have!) and might have an idea or two about what to do now that it has.

In other words, Huckabee’s reasons for suggesting him were right on. “President Obama needs to have [Geithner] walk the plank, not necessarily because it’s going to change the White House policy, but because in politics optics is everything,” Huckabee said. “And right now, the president needs to show a sense of taking command and doing things differently.” Yep — if he could only pause from partying long enough to do that.