The Libertarian Party is throwing down the gauntlet and asking Mike Pence to step down as the Republican vice presidential nominee and publicly endorse Gary Johnson. Party chairman Nicholas Sarwark sent the letter out late last night, telling Pence there was no path forward for Donald Trump to become president, but it doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton should get the Oval Office.

You and I may not agree on some other things but I know we can agree that Hillary Clinton also does not have the character appropriate to be the next President of the United States.

At this point, there is no path forward for Donald Trump to win this race. And, as I’m sure you are aware, it is too late to reprint ballots with any other name for the Republican ticket.

As Chairman of the Libertarian Party, I’m asking you to help us block Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

I am asking you to put your country ahead of your party by resigning from the Republican ticket and publicly endorsing Governor Gary Johnson for President.

Governor Gary Johnson is an experienced leader and a man of character. If elected, he will govern fairly and honestly. As you know, he has a track record of working across party lines and would continue this inclusiveness if elected President.

Governor Johnson’s name will be on every ballot in America. He is our best shot at getting a President that is qualified for the office, both in character and experience.

By endorsing Governor Johnson, you would show the country your commitment to character above party. By helping elect a man of integrity to the highest office in the land, you could very truly help save your country.

The stakes could not be higher. Please join me today in ensuring that Hillary Clinton does not become President.

It’s a pretty bold step to take by the Libertarians, and I don’t blame them at all. Yes, Trump and his supporters are “going to the mattresses,” and Odin only knows how bloody tonight’s debate is going to be. If Trump decides to go 100% populist for the last four weeks of the election, he could end up becoming the new George Wallace from 1968: winning a few states in the South and losing everywhere else. Does this mean the rest of the typically Republican states will go for Johnson over Clinton? No one really knows because it depends on early voting totals. Of course, Trump could also end up being the new Walter Mondale and get obliterated all across the country. It just depends on how angry voters are regarding #TrumpTape, and if all those politicians (and voters) publicly denouncing the tape will actually stay true to their word and not vote for Trump (if they weren’t already in the #NeverTrump camp).

This election is honestly starting to remind me a lot of the 2010 Colorado gubernatorial race. You had a kinda weak Democrat in John Hickenlooper being challenged by a businessman (and former cop) in Dan Maes. Once it leaked out Maes had lied about his background as a cop in Kansas, Tom Tancredo jumped into the race on the Constitution Party ticket. The GOP (and Tancredo) tried to get Maes to drop out, but he refused. The result? Hickenlooper won. It isn’t 100% known if a credible GOP candidate would have beaten Hickenlooper, but it’s completely possible. The same could be possible regarding the 2016 presidential election, if all the GOP leaders decide to go, “Vote Gary Johnson.”

Pence is probably staying on the GOP ticket. The Trump campaign has already released his travel schedule for this week, which suggests he’s in it for good. The Wall Street Journal also reports Pence isn’t leaving. It would still be a real kick in the head to see Pence heed the Libertarian Party’s call, drop out, and endorse Johnson. Who knows, it might get Johnson in the last debate. Of course, if tonight’s debate is a real brouhaha and Trump is going “all in” on Bill Clinton’s past deviancy, it’s going to be entertaining in a #headdesk sort of way.