Leftist magazine Mother Jones claims to have cobbled together a list of some of the music played by Gitmo interrogators to “prolong capture shock” and disorient the detainees. If you wondered what so-called “torture” sounds like, it sounds a lot like the parking lot of your local lower-middle-class high school.

Biggest Irony: Springsteen! He’ll be crushed, poor dear, since he’s one of the antiwar musicians behind the new antiwar record project described in the first item here. Antiwar moonbats Rage Against the Machine make the cut as well. Though neither can nudge the irony meter from where it got pegged last June: using moonbat Janeane Garofalo’s voice to upset captured jihadis. (“They hated it,” Lagouranis recalled. “Like, ‘Please! Just stop that voice!’ “)

And here’s a golden oldie from the charts of psychological mind-grinding: ACDC’s still on the list. “Highway to Hell” was used to drive Manuel Noriega out of his sanctuary with the Vatican Embassy. They’re back in this war, with some new aural assaults in America’s arsenal.

Strong language warning if you listen to the songs, especially Eminem’s repulsive “Kim”. Not what I’d want to hear were I to be captured, and a quick switch to the Barney theme song afterwards is, I’ll grant you, more than a bit unnerving. None of it’s exactly pleasant. It’s not supposed to be. But–it’s not torture.

When we had to initiate some blindfolded new pledges at the Fraternity for Fancy Lads, we went with the Dies Irae from Mozart’s Requiem. Of course, we then did things to those guys that the Gitmo interrogators would get court-martialed for. Exit question: what are your suggestions for a “welcome to Gitmo” soundtrack?

UPDATE: Of course, how could I forget? Landshark’s comment below reminds me that I had a little fun last month arranging one of the most disturbing sounds known to man–it’s safe for work, but may violate Geneva Conventions: