Speaking of inciting suicide, this fellow Mohammed Hamid was allegedly selling jihad propaganda from a stall right on Oxford Street:

“It is the prosecution’s case that Hamid, assisted by Ahmet, was a recruiter, groomer and corrupter of young Muslims,” David Farrell QC, prosecuting told the jury.

“His purpose was to convert such men to his own fanatical and extreme beliefs and having given them such a foundation, thereby enabling them to move on to join others in the pursuit of jihad [holy war] by acts of terrorism.

“The fact that some did exactly as he desired is, we suggest, highly relevant to his real purpose and his continued purpose after July 21 2005.”

This lunk was more than just a jihad carney-barker; he went on “camping trips”–not that there’s any thing wrong with that–with the crew that attempted to copycat the 7-7 Tube bombings July 21st, 2005 but fouled up their wiring. Whoever indoctrinated this Gang That Couldn’t Bomb Straight was a real piece of work; one of them, Ramzi Mohammed,

…had actually turned so that the rucksack on his back was pointing towards a mother with her child in a pushchair as he tried to detonate the bomb in a tunnel on the Victoria Line causing “panic, fear and confusion”.

The detonators went off, but the hydrogen peroxide and chapati flour mixture, surrounded by nuts and bolts to cause maximum damage and carnage, did not ignite…

Exit question: If Hamid was running his Islamist literature stall in 2005 along with one of the July 21st bombers, why was he allowed to continue doing so this long?