Lots here. I’ll start off with the head-to-head matchups and work backwards, since this probably produced the most interesting results. 6056 total votes.


Now the overall vote. Sarah Palin takes the top spot decisively. Rick Perry holds on to second. Michele Bachmann bounces into third, followed by Herman Cain and Mitt Romney. Compare the disparity between Palin’s vote and the votes of Bachmann and Perry, though, and consider that in those head-to-head matchups… the undecideds swing to both of Palin’s challengers in huge numbers. Versus Bachmann, Palin +20 of the remaining vote, Bachmann +33. Versus Perry, Palin +18 of the remaining vote, Perry +32.

Something to watch.


The graph over time:

Paul Ryan receives high, high approvals. Tops overall, in fact, for those that didn’t vote for him for President. Unfortunately for him… that includes a lot of people.

The individual breakdowns:

And the overall breakdown by ideology:

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