If you happened to be watching CNN in the 9 a.m. ET hour on Friday, you learned that President Barack Obama’s executive order extending legal status to millions of illegal immigrants is wildly popular with almost everyone save those who believe it did not go far enough.

The majority of the hour, anchored by Carol Costello, was peppered with probing questions insightful observations about the new status quo ushered in by the president on Thursday night.

“Because it’s not really amnesty, because the president — it’s only three years, right, that’s what the president laid out — and after the three years are up, who knows what could happen?” Costello asked a guest billed as a DREAMer who will continue to enjoy the protections provided by the White House’s DACA directive, which has been in place since 2012.

That’s a brand new definition for the word “amnesty.” It certainly runs counter to The Hill columnist A.B. Stoddard who appealed to the dictionary when seeking to define the term. “It is amnesty,” she told the panelists on Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Thursday, “because it is forgiveness — it is technically forgiveness of lawbreaking.”

“Mixed reactions from the American public as [Obama] pushes on with a plan to overhaul the nation’s immigration system,” she later teased. “Next up, we’ll hear form those who say the president’s strategy didn’t go far enough.”

Yes, the gamut of responses to Obama’s immigration order on Costello’s program ran from thrilled all the way to ecstatic.

But the most insulting two minutes of this disgraceful hour came at the tail end when Costello aired a gauzy and slickly produced package that purported to showcase the range of responses to the non-enforcement of immigration law.

The package consisted of young Hispanics thrilled by the president’s actions or critical of its narrow focus on just a few million illegal immigrants as opposed to all 11 million. When it addressed those who were opposed to Obama’s executive action, it featured clearly elderly individuals. One expressed dissatisfaction with the prospect of spending her tax dollars on “illegals.”

According to CNN, if you’re a fan of Obama’s immigration order, you’re young, hip and a generally thoughtful citizen. If you’re not, you’re probably elderly and maybe a little bit racist.

It’s obvious CNN has a brewing problem with its 9 a.m. anchor Carol Costello that extends well beyond her taking evident enjoyment in the physical assault suffered by one of Sarah Palin’s progeny.

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