Well, it clearly wasn’t germane. Keystone, energy, what do these have to do with one another? 500 million subsidized solar panels on the other hand…

This is an instance where Clinton actually submitted herself to questions from an audience and got an interesting question. Some question-screener done lost his job this week. But this was not some question shouted at her as she exited yet another scripted event. This was one presumably from one of those everyday Americans she’s supposed to be connectin’ with.

And yet:

One question asked Clinton about her stance on the Keystone pipeline.

“I will refrain from commenting,” Clinton said.

Clinton said she refuses to comment because as Secretary of State, she had a “leading role” in the State Department’s review process for the Keystone pipeline.

“I had a leading role in getting that process started. I think we have to let it run its course,” Clinton said.

The Free Beacon has been keeping track of these portraits in courage. They will pile up.

In the words of Jack Shafer, she’s not running for president. She’s unrunning.