There’s plenty in the news to make one depressed today. Here’s something tomake you smile.

Out of Chickasha, Okla. comes the man who should be the next viral local news hero—Floyd Briggs. Wearing a camo hat and overalls tucked into one cowboy boot, he shares with the local news crew how he was able to step out in front of a motorcyclist evading police, causing him to swerve to avoid Briggs and lay down the bike. The perp then fled on foot, but Briggs brought him down. It later turned out the suspect had only run from police for a minor violation, but we can credit Briggs with ending a high-speed chase before it got any more dangerous (to anyone but him, that is).

“I said ‘I gotta stop this guy before he hurts a little kid,’” Chickasha resident Floyd Briggs said. “I ain’t no football player either.”

He describes the chase:

“I was running out of steam very quick. I’m not very aerodynamic,” Briggs noted.

And, an apology for everyone who saw the incident in person:

“I did use some language that just isn’t how I talk…Some of the words I used, I was pretty worked up. I’m sorry for that,” Briggs said.

Bring on the autotune.