No charges will be filed against the Uber driver, who immediately produced his concealed carry permit and proper identification for responding police. The gunman is custody in the hospital, with wounds to his legs and lower back.

A group of people had been walking in front of the driver around 11:50 p.m. in the 2900 block of North Milwaukee Avenue when Everardo Custodio, 22, began firing into the crowd, Quinn said.

The driver pulled out a handgun and fired six shots at Custodio, hitting him several times, according to court records. Responding officers found Custodio lying on the ground, bleeding, Quinn said. No other injuries were reported.

Quick thinking and a good shot in a high-stress, crowded situation. The 47-year-old Uber driver is unidentified in the report, but I’m sure those in the crowd in Logan Square will always remember him.

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