Well, at least he’s consistent:

President Barack Obama’s post-White House plans include serious work to reach out to young people, he said Tuesday — but first, he’ll get in some time in the sand.

As soon as the next president is sworn in, Obama plans to be “on a beach somewhere, drinking out of a coconut,” he said in response to a question about his plans for the next decade that came at a session hosted by microblogging site Tumblr. “But that probably won’t last too long.”

In a Q&A on Tumblr today, Obama also hinted at his desire to reach out to young people after he leaves office.

POLITICO reported last week on Obama’s thinking about his post-presidency work, which one source said the president described as giving young people “more of an opportunity to become engaged — both furthering their careers and pursuing their duties as citizens.” Obama has looked at the work done by former President Bill Clinton as a model, and the current first couple has discussed post-White House plans with the Clintons, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said this week during book tour interviews.

They’ll have plenty of time to engage since they don’t have jobs.