All right, I know I’m going back to the Super Bowl ad well, here, but this is fantastic, and it’s going crazy viral by tomorrow. I’ve always liked Kendrick, I liked her more after “Pitch Perfect,” and now I think she’s my hero.

It’s also a brilliant move by Newcastle, which is not spending the money for a Super Bowl time slot, but judging by social media tonight, is going to have a giant return on investment by mid-morning tomorrow. Clever girl. Clever company.

I’m pretty sure this is a lot of her just riffing, not an approximation of improv written by a crew for her. Her Twitter stream suggests she’s funny enough to pull that off.

“We think the formula for creating the most epic Big Game commercial of all time is pretty simple, but when it comes down to it, we’d rather have people drink our beer while watching other companies’ ads,” said Charles van Es, senior brand director for Newcastle Brown Ale, in a press release. “And to be honest, we don’t really have the money or permission to advertise on the game either.”

Instead, the company parodies the marketing circus which surrounds the Super Bowl with a “behind the scenes” video featuring the Pitch Perfect actress.

Kendrick’s goofy personality, she tells Mashable, was a good fit with the tongue-in-check humor Newcastle was aiming for with its anti-ad.

“Because they don’t take themselves so seriously, the more I abused the brand, the more they loved it,” Kendrick says of her ad-libbing.

Observe a slight content warning for some salty language and mild sexual innuendo.