In which the Turkish Guy Smiley shows CNN how it’s done:

Perhaps one of the most striking attempts to pierce and criticize the veil of censorship on Turkish media came from a Quiz show host whose “Guess the Word” program airs. As citizens of Turkey watched with their jaws on the floor (and many standing up and clapping in front of their TV sets according to my social media feeds), he asked his quests to guess words such as “resistance,” “censorship,” twitter”, “tear gas”, and more. He finished his 70 questions with questions whose answers were “resign” and apologize.

The next day, he was not allowed to air live and his fate remains uncertain.

Hat tip, Ace, who compiles some of the best questions and answers from the game show host with “B**** of Iron.”

1- A journey undertaken to see, to have fun: GEZI –name of the park that is at the center of the protests.

4- An activity geared towards trying to change or improve a situation: A PROTEST [EYLEM]

5- A coming together around a set of ideas without being divided: UNITY

6- The metaphor for understanding what the facts are: TO WAKE UP

7- The people Mustafa Kemal Ataturk said should be “the most important representatives of human dignity and qualities, defense of nation and freedom of speeech”:YOUTH

8- The ability to make decisions according to correct, meaningful interpretation: COMMON SENSE

12-Democratic solution box: THE BALLOT BOX

14-The person that turns the right into not right and the protester into terrorist: PROVOCATEUR

22-To resist, to not give up: RESISTANCE

23-To find an event or an application as unfair, and not accept it and resist it: PROTEST

24-To be able to decide without undue pressure from outside: FREEDOM

Twitter went wild among Turkish users as the show aired.

Let’s keep host Ali Ihsan Varol in our thoughts and prayers. He told a Turkish paper that his situation is “somewhat complicated.”

The last two questions of the show:

To voluntarily give up a position: Resign

The act that makes a person bigger by asking to be forgiven for wrong actions: Apologize

The video is obviously not in English, but you can follow along with the translation a bit, here, and there’s no missing the undercurrent of emotion as Varol barely veils his intention and the contestant and audience start to realize what’s going on. I can imagine Turkish citizens standing up and cheering at their screens.