Hello Everyone!

Unfortunately “The War on Bacon” is delayed this evening because Mary Katharine is trapped on a bus – worry not lovers of bacon, this is merely a traffic issue and she’s fine. Her train was cancelled and for some reason she thought a bus would be a good way to make it home. Alas, 8.5 hours later she is sitting somewhere in the Lincoln Tunnel. That said, we will bacon on today . . . it will will just be at some yet-to-be determined time this evening. Keep an eye on the headline for our updated time.

Sometime tonight you will hear about a Wisconsin sheriff who specifically instructed law enforcement officials to not check on the felony status of inmates for voting, the ludicrously low standards the Obama campaign is employing to accept credit card donations, and Mary Katharine’s bus trip – certain to be filled with the adventures and misadventures of Ms. Ham.

In the meantime, check out our show from yesterday. See you soon Defenders of the Bacon!

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Update: Well, folks, I was stuck in this disaster all day long:

Two of the three lanes for northbound traffic on I-95 were re-opened Tuesday afternoon, about seven hours after an overturned fuel tanker truck caused major delays for motorists along the Harford County portion of the interstate highway.

The crash, which involved the tanker truck and a passenger car near the south entrance of the Tydings Bridge shortly after 8 a.m., forced the closing of I-95 in both directions, Maryland State Police said…

Well into the afternoon, traffic was still being detoured off the interstate at Aberdeen while Hazmat crews cleaned up a spill from the tanker’s cargo.

It was so late when I got to a home base and an Internet connection that I think Kelly and I will either do a double episode tomorrow or promise you all an extra episode over the weekend to make up for the loss of this one. I’m on “Happening Now” at 11:30 a.m. tomorrow on Fox, live from NYC, and we’ll see you in this spot tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for leaving you hanging today! Back tomorrow, I promise!

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