There are places in this turbulent world where instead of a cute little sticker, people who dare to vote get murdered.

Yet here we are in comfy America celebrating a record number of midterm voters whose number doesn’t even equal half of those eligible.

Late numbers indicate 49 percent of those eligible cast their ballots in Tuesday’s midterm elections. That means 51 percent of Americans couldn’t be bothered exercising that precious right, even when 37 states allow mail-in ballots and advance voting, some states starting as early as late September. Just too, too busy for five weeks straight, right?

So, congratulations laggards.

This year’s total likely exceeds the 49 percent who bothered back in 1966 when you-know-what was going on and bitterly dividing the country.

Estimates put the total number of midterm voters this year at 113 million.

In 2014, voter turnout was a pathetic 36.4 percent of eligible voters. In 2010, Barack Obama’s first midterm, barely 41 percent of eligible voters showed up.

That was enough, however, to flip 63 Democrat House seats to the GOP, the start of a long political hemorraghing by his party at both federal and local levels that is only now beginning to turn around.

Media should absolutely adore President Trump. Three-quarters of both party’s members said he figured in their voting decision, one way or the other.

To sway them, candidates, parties and PACs spent more than $5.2 billion in media advertising in federal races. That’s a 35 percent increase from spending just four years ago.

Somebody who did better in math can calculate how much that works out to per voter. But it’s too much.

Exit polls show that Trump likely moved more Democrats to vote than Republicans. Democrats made up 38 percent of voters this time, while Republicans made up 32 percent and independents 30 percent.

This shows Democrats were up from their 36 percent participation in 2014, independents were up from 27 percent that year while GOP voters dropped from 37 percent in 2014.