Have you noticed how First Lady Melania Trump is always by her husband’s side at all the MAGA rallies he’s headlining these days?

Well, actually, no, you haven’t. That’s because she’s not. And you won’t see her on the trail the rest of this this fall either, according to her spokeswoman.

Mrs. Trump has done numerous appearances with her husband on foreign trips, especially to children’s hospitals both abroad and domestically, and recently completed a solo trip to four countries in Africa.

You saw her campaigning for her husband in 2016 and likely will again in 2020. This fall, however, her spokeswoman cites other duties as Barron’s Mom and overseeing the White House, which is increasingly busy preparations for the holidays gain speed. Mrs. Trump has a hands-on approach to such affairs as the state dinner for French President Emanuel Macron.

‘Due to her schedule as a mother and First Lady, especially with the holidays coming up, there are no plans for her to campaign at this time.” said Stephanie Grisham.

But Mrs. Trump dislikes campaigning. Melania is not the first First Lady to hate the rough-and-tumble of U.S. political campaigns. In fact, presidential candidates often acknowledge the campaigns are harder on spouses and family, who must endure the attacks on their loved one with little ability to respond.

Unlike some recent presidents, who mostly stick to fundraising, this president has added another 10 rallies to the 40 on his already-packed political schedule leading up to Nov. 6.

It’s part of his determined effort to hold off Democrat gains in the midterm elections. Historically, a president’s party has lost congressional seats in 18 of the last 20 midterms. On average, they lose 30 seats, seven more than Democrats need to regain control of the House. The losses are usually larger when a president’s approval rating is below 50 percent, as Trump’s is.

Some polls have shown the president’s appearances help the GOP candidates he touts.  Trump is off to Charlotte for another rally tonight (C-SPAN2, 7pmET) and yet another in Indianapolis on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence leaves today for a three-stop campaign swing through New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.

“This is … a referendum about me,” Trump told a Mississippi rally early this month. “And the gridlock they’ll put this country through. Pretend I’m on the ballot.”