Now this is kind of an activist move, isn’t it?

USA Today has gone a bit beyond reporting on the presidential election with a web site dedicated to helping you sort through a list of Republican elected officials to determine where they stand on Donald Trump for president.

It also has a handy filtering module to better help you find the Republican in a certain state, the office they hold, the status of a Trump endorsement and even if they have commented on the leaked video of Trump and Billy Bush from over ten years ago.


We are searching in vain to find the page dedicated to Democratic Senators, Representatives and Governors who have commented on her email scandal or her health problems or her proclamation that Trump supporters are irredeemable deplorables, but we just can’t seem to find it. Clearly we aren’t using the correct search terms.

It’s almost like USA Today has a dog in this race. Almost like USA Today is going beyond just reporting but actively trying to damage one political party to the benefit of another.  It’s almost like…

Oh wait, no “almost” about it.