Fox News host Sean Hannity lashed out at Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and other Republicans who haven’t pledged their undying support to presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In a direct rebuke of Ryan’s Thursday announcement that he was “not ready” to endorse his party’s standard nearer, Hannity proclaimed he was no longer “ready to support” Ryan as Speaker.

“I’m thinking maybe we need a new speaker,” he said to Newt Gingrich as he opened his interview with the former Speaker.

In fact, almost his entire program was dedicated to lambasting Republicans who have not lined up behind Trump. Woven into his interviews with Gingrich, Reince Priebus and Laura Ingraham, he injected the same sentiment:

“It seems almost coordinated. Both Bushes have declined to endorse Donald Trump, Mitt Romney saying that he will not go to the convention this year, and then we have Paul Ryan saying the following when asked if he would endorse Donald Trump.”

Here’s the entire program:



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