Gallup has a new poll out that shows former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D-IL, AR, NY, DC) is having trouble energizing women in her own party.

But the gender gap persists within both parties. An aggregated analysis of March and April responses shows that Republican men are eight points more likely than Republican women to be following the election very closely, while Democratic men are 11 points more likely than Democratic women. “Pure” independents — those who do not lean to either party — are following the news less closely than those in either party, regardless of gender, as would be expected. But even with overall lower levels of interest, independent men are significantly more likely than independent women to say they are following the news very closely.

Paul Bedard at the Washington Examiner points out a glaring lack of logic in Gallup’s analysis. See if you can pick up on Gallup’s head-scratcher:

Gallup blamed the lack of female candidates for women paying less attention, though that doesn’t explain the low interest among Democrats who are likely to nominate their first woman as the party candidate. What’s more, several groups that support women’s issues, such as Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List have been very public about backing Clinton.

I’m sorry… what was that? “Gallup blamed the lack of female candidates for women paying less attention” to the 2016 race????

What am I missing here. Last I checked, Clinton was not just a woman, but the woman. The first woman with a legitimate shot of winning the White House. The greatest woman to be Secretary of State (heck, the greatest Secretary of State, period) and the greatest woman Senator from New York in the history of the planet Earth.

Clinton’s gender has been front and center from day one in the 2016 cycle and Democrats are suffereng from lack of interest among their female voters?

Conventional wisdom has always held that Clinton will be tough to beat in November because she will mobilize millions of women energized over the prospect of making history and electing the first woman president. After all, her own campaign released an ad featuring little girls writing letters to Hillary claiming that “44 boys is too many.”

If she can’t energize women in her own party with this kind of blatant pandering, how is she supposed to win in November?