The final Saturday Night Live show to air before Election Day had a specific goal. The show that aired on Halloween night was enough to scare anyone other than Biden voters with the level of derangement on exhibit from members of the cast as well as its guest host. Actor Jim Carrey portrays Joe Biden this season and he delivered the message loud and clear – its time for a new president.

It is no surprise that Carrey used some of his time on stage to get out the vote for Joe Biden. If you follow him on social media, you know he is severely crippled by Trump Derangement Syndrome. It wasn’t even a surprise that the show revolved around the presidential election, given the fact that Election Day was just three days away. In 2016 the show went all-in for Hillary. Cast member Kate McKinnon played Hillary Clinton and addressed the audience in 2016 with a more nuanced message than was on display last Saturday night. She said, “We can’t tell you who to vote for, but on Tuesday, we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we wanna live in.”

The cast ramped up its message this year. Jim Carrey, in the cold open, set the tone. After reading a parody of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” he ended with “This daylight savings time, let’s gain an hour and lose a president!” Message received. The audience, Biden’s base, applauded Carrey. During the skit, Kate McKinnon appears as Hillary (the Raven) and Maya Rudolph is Kamala Harris, who slams Biden for mispronouncing her name.

“I wanted to take your minds off the election by reading a scary story,” Carrey’s Biden began. “Once upon a midnight dreary, while Trump retweeted QAnon theories.” That, if you can believe it, was the funniest rhyme of the sketch.

The rest were belabored groaners.

“Still I will win, ‘cause I’m a baller,” Carrey said, failing to make the Joe Cool gag work yet again. “Just ask my running mate, Kamal-er.”

Yeah, no one thinks Joe Biden is a baller.

Guest host John Mulaney (his fourth time to host) received blowback on social media after his opening monologue. He mocked the choice voters have – two old men – and that nothing will change no matter who is elected. He insulted his grandmother, too, because old people shouldn’t be voting. Trump and his supporters are the new Nazis, Grandma.

In the opening monologue, this week’s host John Mulaney joked that his 94-year-old grandma shouldn’t be allowed to vote. He knows that sounds ageist: “That would be like calling yourself the Greatest Generation. ‘Oh, we fought the Nazis!’ Well, we’re trying to fight the new Nazis if you’d get out of the way and stop voting for people you saw in between coin collector commercials!”

During the Weekend Update skit, Michael Che slammed rappers for supporting Trump while failing to mention Obama flaunting his support from them, and Colin Jost accused Trump of mass murder due to the coronavirus. Remember when SNL used to be funny and everyone could laugh at its lame jokes?

Celebrity endorsements didn’t help Hillary in 2016. American voters know that Hollywood is a liberal place. This year it is impossible to ignore the aggressive campaign to get Americans out to vote coming from the entertainment industry. Reminders to get out and vote are abundant. Local television markets are running multiple reminders daily, too. Popular this year are photos of celebrities with ‘I voted’ stickers or of them dropping off a ballot. Mariah Carey announced her vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. Lizzo performed as she dropped off her ballot. So did Katy Perry. Lady Gaga is keeping it real, or something.

Gaga has made several videos in support of Biden. She received blowback for mocking rednecks in swing states, apparently her vision of Trump supporters. She says she’s “voting for America”. No, she’s not. She’s voting for Joe Biden.

She did a video with multiple costume changes, including bringing back the meat dress.

The guest host for next week’s SNL show is Dave Chappelle. There is a chance he will be more entertaining since his brand is to criticize both sides of the aisle with his jokes. And, you know, he’s actually a funny man who doesn’t take himself so seriously.