Suddenly, Susan Rice is everywhere. It sure looks like she really, really wants to be the one chosen to be Joe Biden’s running mate. The former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama is aggressively bashing President Trump and his supporters while sucking up to Sleepy Joe.

Rice is said to be on the shortlist of women that Joe Biden is considering for vice-president. She would fit the bill since, above all else, it has become clear that Biden must choose a Black woman. The party of identity politics and its presidential candidate think that having a Black woman on the ticket will provide shelter from criticism of Biden’s long history in elected office and his dips into racism himself. Democrats have learned nothing. You can bet that Team Trump is accumulating an arsenal of ads that will spotlight every vote Biden has made that proved to be detrimental to Black Americans, including the crime bill that proved disastrous for Black men, in particular, in the 90s.

Susan Rice was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC and even weighed in on the resignation of Mary Elizabeth Taylor, one of the highest-ranked Black officials in the Trump administration who suddenly had a change of heart toward President Trump this week. Of course, Andrea Mitchell brought the young woman into the conversation to kick-off Rice’s trashing of the Trump administration – the bad Orange Man is racist, you know. She said the Trump administration is “racist to its core.”

“I’d say better late than never. You know, to serve an administration which has been racist to its core for the last three and a half years, from comparing the peaceful protesters at Charlottesville to white supremacists, calling white supremacists very fine people, all the way through to the recent weeks where the administration has disparaged the Black Lives Matter movement, disparaged the peaceful protesters, and basically made plain that they prefer to stand by a Confederate legacy than a modern America, it’s been an administration whose record on race is just disgraceful,” Rice said on MSNBC regarding the resignation of Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs Mary Elizabeth Taylor, the Trump administration’s highest ranking female African American official.

In trashing the Trump administration and his supporters in the Senate, Rice bungled a common phrase. As she was stressing the point that this election is about “getting Joe Biden in the White House”, she went on to say that Biden is someone who could “remove Donald Trump and consign those who supported him in the Senate to the trash heap of history.” Usually, instead of ‘trash heap’, the phrase is ‘ash heap’. Even in a simple slam, Rice got it wrong. But, I digress. The point she was making is that even those who support Trump in the U.S. Senate must be defeated.

During her appearance on Bill Maher’s HBO show, Rice was critical of Democrat voters who don’t think that Sleepy Joe is woke enough, that his agenda isn’t radical enough for them. Her argument was hey, Trump is worse.

“We have a choice. Either Donald Trump remains in office, who has governed in a blatantly divisive way” or Joe Biden, “who understands it’s time to invest in health and education and so many of the underlying issues that have contributed to the systemic racism in this country” she said. “I know him. There is nobody who brings to this challenge a greater sense of the humanity we all share. I would urge people to be very mindful of the choice. It couldn’t be more stark.”

The irony seems to be lost on supporters like Susan Rice who now think Joe Biden is the man to save America from itself. Joe Biden has a history of over forty years in politics, including eight years as vice-president. What did he do during all those decades? Why didn’t he solve racial issues and division during that time? Why didn’t he stop Barack Obama from dividing the country along racial lines? Why didn’t he stop Barack Obama from trashing police across the country? Now Susan Rice wants voters to believe that Joe Biden will unite the country by speaking of Trump and his supporters (the GOP) as racists.

Let’s remember who Susan Rice is, shall we? She is known for doing a full Ginsberg ( going on five Sunday morning shows all in the same morning) after the Benghazi tragedy at the U.S. embassy that saw the murder of an American ambassador. She lied on each show that the murderous rioting at the embassy was caused by an obscure video, because that was the talking point brought forward from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then Barack Obama. Rice was the patsy that said she would go on national television and run interference for Clinton, who should have been the one doing interviews.

Susan Rice is the “Typhoid Mary of the Obama administration”, as Senator Tom Cotton called her this morning on Fox and Friends. She was in the middle of each and every debacle that occurred during the Obama administration – besides Benghazi, there was the ill-advised Libya war, the coddling of the Chinese Communist Party, and her role in the Russia collusion story. She is as dreadful as Joe Biden on foreign policy, the subject on which she and old Joe are supposed to be experts. Joe Biden has been historically wrong during his long career in politics when it comes to just about every subject, including foreign policy.

Joe Biden will be a disaster in the White House and if he chooses Susan Rice, it will be the third term of Barack Obama and his record of bad decisions. By limiting himself to Black women in order to pander to that demographic of voters, without whom he cannot win the election in November, Biden is putting identity politics over the best interests of America.