Celebrities are teaming up with scientists and other experts around the world to get out information about the coronavirus pandemic. The celebrities relinquish their social media accounts for a day and allow experts to spread their knowledge with the help of their followers.

At least that’s the idea behind #PassTheMic. The central focus is to be on the need for a unified global response to the pandemic. The celebrity that is launching the project is Julia Roberts and she’s offering up her followers as an audience for Dr. Fauci on Thursday. This project will last for three weeks.

The #PassTheMic campaign, announced Wednesday, is part of the ONE World Campaign and calls “for a global response to COVID-19 that protects the most vulnerable, supports people worst hit economically, strengthens health systems and creates a more just and equal world.” It’s run by ONE, a global campaign to end extreme poverty and preventable disease by 2030.

“Creates a more just and equal world”? Excuse me, but the pandemic is a public health crisis that enabled world leaders to shut down their countries to mitigate its spread which created an economic collapse. That domino effect has created untold hardships on everyone, not just those that social justice warriors usually focus on. This sounds more like a vehicle for globalists to push their fever dreams, which almost always means the United States will be called upon to bear the burden of saving the world. I’ll not hold my breath for everyone to point a finger at the country of origin for the coronavirus pandemic, China, and call on its evil dictator to make the world whole again.

It sounds like a 2020 version of We Are The World, doesn’t it? That was a benefit corroboration of American musicians and performers who recorded a single song to raise money during a famine in Africa in 1985. Will a virtual information dissemination campaign play as well? Probably not. From the names listed, it looks as though Julia Roberts (8.7 million followers) or maybe Hugh Jackman (14.2 million followers) are the biggest names involved. Shailene Woodley, Rainn Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Yemi Alade, Connie Britton, Millie Bobby Brown, Danai Gurira, Hugh Jackman, David Oyelowo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Busy Philipps, Rita Wilson, Robin Wright and more. For reference, President Trump has 30 million followers on Twitter alone. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will all be used, though I imagine that Instagram will be the most popular platform to take advantage of its ‘stories’ feature.

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It’s my honor and complete joy to #PassTheMic to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the @NIAID at @NIHgov. He’s probably one of the most important people in the world right now. If you don’t know him, he’s the man making sure we get the most accurate, critical information about #COVID19. Things like how we can keep ourselves and our communities safe. Today he’s taking over my account to shed light on the importance of a global response to this pandemic, the latest treatment research and the power of staying cautiously optimistic. Make sure to check out my Stories for more of our conversation, and if you’re as inspired as I am, please take a minute to demand action from your local and global leaders at @ONE. #PassTheMic #oneworld #stayhome #weareinthistogether #Faucirocks #stickwithfacts #dontdrinkbleach #vote

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You may have noticed at the end of Julia’s Instagram post with Fauci, she uses the hashtag #dontdrinkbleach. She sounds like Joe Biden when he tells people not to inject Clorox bleach.

It’s not surprising that Dr. Fauci will help kick off this initiative. He’s been promoted to rock-star status for his part in the White House coronavirus task force, though Dr. Birx is the lead. Fauci is a frequent guest on network and cable networks as well as taking advantage of less conventional media, like podcasts. The left loves him when he contradicts something Trump says during a task force press briefing.

Fauci has had to change positions on some of his advice. The coronavirus is a virus not seen before and uncertainties about mitigation have played a part in why consistent, reliable information is needed. Remember, Fauci was against the masses wearing masks before he was for it. More recently he has switched to being a cloud of doom and gloom in response to plans to reopen America. There is plenty of misinformation to be found on social media. The experts have had things wrong along the way, too.