The first ladies of The United States and France each caused quite a stir on social media as the G7 summit in France came to an end. Politics get petty and both instances prove that point.

Liberals and NeverTrumpers experienced great joy over a photo taken as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted Melania Trump when she positioned herself next to him in the traditional G7 group picture – commonly called the family photo. Melania gave Trudeau a kiss on both cheeks, as he reciprocated, in the European fashion. It was a traditional greeting and the two know each other. No big deal, right? Wrong.

A photograph of Melania’s face as she leaned in for the kiss went viral on Twitter Sunday. Without context, she has an, um, satisfied expression. The tweets in response were quite imaginative. Not in a good way, either. Just like that, a hashtag was born – #MelaniaLovesTrudeau.

You can watch a video clip of the photo opportunity and see the whole story of the kiss. You can also see that President Trump offered his cheek to Brigette Macron when she leaned in to kiss him. In the photo, President Trump and Melania are holding hands. There’s nothing there to see, just move along. Everyone looked to be in fine spirits.

And then there is the unfortunate Facebook post that went viral brought to us by a supporter of Brazilan President Jair Bolsonaro. In the midst of the kerfuffle between President Macron and President Bolsonaro over the management of the fires in the Amazon rainforest, Bolsonaro posted about the rainforest on Facebook. A supporter weighed in with an unfavorable comparison between Bolsonaro’s wife and Macron’s wife.

It brings up a flashback to when then-candidate Trump posted that unflattering photo of Heidi Cruz during the GOP primary in 2016, doesn’t it? Mrs. Macron is 66 years old yet she sure doesn’t look her age. She’s attractive and certainly holds her own among the crowd.

During a joint press conference with Macron Monday at the close of the summit, Trump went out of his way to compliment Brigette Macron. He spoke about how Melania had enjoyed spending time with Mrs. Macron during the summit, that she is a great lady. Macron spoke up for his wife by saying, ‘He said very disrespectful things about my wife, I have great respect for the Brazilian people and can only hope they soon have a president who is up to the job’.

When asked about the post at the G7 summit in Biarritz, France, today, Macron said that ‘Brazilian women are probably feeling ashamed of their president.’

After declaring the rainforest fires an international emergency and placing the subject on the G7 agenda, Macron appears to have gotten support on sending some financial aid to Brazil.

Today Macron said the G7 countries would release 20 million euros to help support efforts to tackle the fires.

Mr Macron said the funds would be available ‘immediately’ to be used mainly for paying for more fire-fighting planes.

Next year the United States will host the G7 in Miami, according to President Trump’s comments to the press Monday.