Marianne Williamson is just like Galileo, you know. According to full-time political activist and sometime actress Alyssa Milano, in his day, Galileo was considered a radical kook. What do you mean the earth and the planets revolve around the sun? Sometime in the future, Marianne Williamson’s ideas won’t sound so wacky either, according to Milano.

Who had Marianne Williamson in the pool of who’s fundraiser will Alyssa Milano first attend? Ms. Milano made a point of saying she hasn’t chosen a candidate as her pick of the field but wants to support everyone as she gets to know them. Also, conveniently, she plugged an upcoming appearance by Williamson on her podcast.

Milano was blasted by the liberal scolds on social media, including a media personality.

Other critics of Milano’s tweet included TV host Soledad O’Brien tweeted, who addressed her own tweet to Milano, writing, “Please do not use your platform to support people who do not support science and public health.”

Other skeptical commenters agreed, with one calling Williamson “dangerously anti-science. In ways that directly impact human lives and wellbeing.”

“I usually admire your activism and I respect you greatly, but it’s my understanding that Williamson is an antivaxxer, or at the very least she promotes them. I can’t support that,” wrote another.

The reference to Galileo came up on the podcast. She is open to the fact that it may take an outsider to make America great again – like the current outsider who won the presidency. I added that last part. Alyssa Milano wouldn’t piece that together, in my opinion. I’m pretty sure she isn’t talking about space aliens but I would welcome our intergalactic visitors.

What we do know is that it will be someone from beyond the current way of the world who drives those changes. Many of those outsiders will appear a little wacky to us. They will challenge our firmly held beliefs and more so, they will challenge what we know to be true. The question is this: Will we treat them like the Catholic Church treated Galileo? Or will we learn from the failures of our past as new evidence reshapes our world?

I’m hoping that the interview with Ms. Williamson helped relieve the hopelessness she has recently voiced. Guess who is at the root of her despair?

That tweet seems to have been brought on by the mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in California. Perhaps a good dose of Marianne’s New Age wisdom will lift her spirits. Williamson is absolutely my favorite Democrat running for president. For me, it’s not so much for the hippie-dippy stuff as it is the entertainment value. The anticipation of what words may come out of her mouth make a Democrat debate bearable. The first night of the second round of debates did not disappoint. The clip in this tweet perfectly captures Williamson’s performance.

She introduces “a dark psychic force” into a slam against “wonkiness” that some of the other candidates trade in. She realistically points out that pontificating about one issue and another isn’t the way to win in 2020. Voters want plain talk. She’s right. It’s how Trump won in 2016 and it’s how he’ll win in 2020 unless the Democrats can provide an actual reason to gain voters’ support. Just ousting Trump from office isn’t enough for voters, other than the energized base of the Democrat Party. The eventual nominee will need more than that support to win in 2020.