Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Just when you think that Beto O’Rourke can’t go any further over the edge to attract some attention to his campaign, it happens. He sends out a letter to solicit donations to his 2020 presidential campaign and asks his supporters to send along some money for Rep. Ilhan Omar, too.

Beto’s second-quarter fundraising total was not good, to describe it as kindly as I can. So, what does he do? He sends out an email to supporters asking for donations, which is completely normal. Here’s the twist – he also asks for donations for Ilhan Omar because of the “send her back” kerfuffle. Atta boy, Beto. The empty suit never misses an opportunity to virtue-signal.

The candidate who was once touted as the next Kennedy to govern from the Oval Office has hit such a thick brick wall in his run for the 2020 Democrat nomination that he is now glomming onto a radical, anti-Semitic freshman lawmaker for fundraising purposes. Beto, you magnificent Bastard.

To be clear, his ability to embrace his own general incompetence is a sight to behold. At this point, he is just riding whatever wave still exists for him and his desperation makes for some interesting moves. The man has nothing to lose. His only job right now is running for president. Who knows? Maybe he’ll end up on someone’s vice-presidential preference list.

Now, Beto is classy, you see. Just ask this Reddit member.

As Beto said, these racist chants don’t happen by accident. They are the product of a president who sees our diversity as a weakness. The logical end result of dangerous, Islamophobic, racist, anti-immigrant rhetoric coming from the White House.

Last night was a new low for this president. Today we’re doubling down in our resolve to elect more strong leaders like Ilhan to the House, and replace Donald Trump in the White House. That’s why your contributions, especially today, are so important.

The Act Blue site for donations explains that each donation will be split between O’Rourke and Omar.

Ilhan Omar is a public servant who has shown us what leadership looks like in the face of some truly hateful words and actions. Right now, it’s important for us to stand with her and show we’ve got her back. That’s why we’re asking you to split a donation between our campaigns today.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? The Democrat who has been the most vocal in her anti-Semitic remarks since she’s been in Congress – one who was the core reason for a watered-down anti-hate resolution in the House – is portrayed as a martyr in Trump’s America.

Democrats, especially in Texas, are not thrilled with Beto these days. They see him failing to catch on as a presidential candidate and wonder why in the world he didn’t just run against John Cornyn for his Senate seat. O’Rourke admitted to a reporter that Chuck Schumer “checked in” with him just last week. But, that call wasn’t really about the Senate seat, he said. Wink, wink.

Beto did an interview with Jemele Hill in which he admitted how poorly he performed in the first Democrat debate and the challenges he faces in the upcoming one. He talked about his poor poll numbers, too.

Robert Francis O’Rourke bought into his own publicity when he ran against Ted Cruz. O’Rourke was a back-bencher in Congress with no legislative accomplishments of his own yet he felt entitled to a seat in the U.S. Senate. Since he did better than any Texas Democrat running in a statewide race in recent years, he then decided he’d try to fail up and skip another Senate run in favor of a presidential campaign. The Democrat running for president from Texas that everyone in Texas expected to run for president, Julian Castro, ate Beto’s lunch during the first debate.

Beto really has no lane in which to run in this Democrat primary. He is unabashedly socialist in his ideology but so are other candidates. He adjusts his positions according to the political winds of any given day. His last attempt to capture lightning in a bottle on the trail was with his stunt of campaigning for president in Mexico.

Looks like Beto’s counter-jumping and skateboarding across the stage days have met their expiration date. We’ll see what happens during the second date. Lucky for Beto that he won’t be sharing a stage with Julian Castro this time.