Hey, remember that anti-hate resolution that passed in the House literally just hours ago as I write this late Thursday night? It is really working wonders so far. Or not. What if I told you that Rep. Ilhan Omar did it again? Omar retweeted a hateful tweet aimed at Meghan McCain and her late father, Senator John McCain.

This tweet was in response to Meghan McCain’s emotional reaction to a discussion about Omar’s anti-Semitism on ABC’s The View. Mehdi Hasan described her tears as faux outrage. Hasan’s Twitter bio reads “Columnist, The Intercept. Host, Al Jazeera English. Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University. A Brit based in DC.” Looking at his Twitter feed, let’s just say this man isn’t a Trump supporter.

It can be argued that Omar simply retweeted Hasan’s tweet and wasn’t necessarily making her own statement. Color me skeptical but I don’t fall into the camp of giving Omar the benefit of the doubt. She is now at the point of regularly proving she is anti-Semitic and has no intentions of changing her behavior. And, frankly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has shown she is incapable of disciplining bad behavior among her Democrat caucus. She caved to the far left newbies who have no respect for Israel or Jews, for that matter, and the ridiculous House resolution became absolutely meaningless. Omar continues to sit on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Irony is dead in 2019.

The vote was 427 in favor, with 23 against and one member, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, voting “present.” The 23 lawmakers who opposed the resolution were all Republicans, many of whom wanted a measure that focused solely on anti-Semitism.

Passage of the measure capped off a tumultuous week within the House Democratic caucus: Amid a sharp split among Democrats, an initial plan for a resolution that focused on anti-Semitism was broadened to include language against Islamophobia — Omar is a Muslim — and hatred of many minority groups.

Why wasn’t Omar named in the resolution? Her ugly statements were the cause of the resolution in the first place. Democrat leadership was too spineless to stand up to her and insist on any expression of regret at all from her. They were too busy making excuses for her and turned the resolution into a generic anti-hate resolution. Anti-semitic behavior was mentioned as were Islamaphobia and other forms of discrimination. “It’s not about her”, said Pelosi during a news conference as she fielded questions about the resolution before the vote. Yes, it definitely was about her. Who else brought about the action? Pelosi also said Omar “didn’t understand the full weight of her words.” Really? She’s been saying the same anti-Semitic tropes in social media since 2012. She understands perfectly what she is saying.

I’m not surprised that some Republicans voted against the resolution. It was their way of voicing opposition to the generic language.

Rep. Omar is almost 40 years old. She continues her bad behavior because she gets away with it. Democrats running for the 2020 presidential nomination jumped in to support her, too. Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris were concerned she’d become a target, that she’d be at risk for her remarks. Elizabeth Warren said criticism of Israel branded as anti-Semitic has “a chilling effect” on public discourse. Kirsten Gillibrand was onboard with supporting Omar, too. Why is it so hard for Democrats to simply say anti-Semitism is wrong and unacceptable. Period.

“Never Forget” is what we say about the Holocaust and the murder of millions of Jews. It means nipping ugly anti-Semitic remarks in the bud so they don’t take root in public discourse. This language cannot be normalized. The rise in anti-Semitic activity in America has to be squashed and elected representatives have a responsibility to do their part. Simply saying Omar was wrong and should apologize is the very least they can do. Since they took the coward’s way out and allowed some backbenchers to dictate how the House proceeded as the fallout continued, Omar is emboldened to carry on. Hence, the retweet Thursday.

Perhaps Rep. Omar should talk to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ali is also a Muslim woman from Somalia. She fights against militant Islam and isn’t spewing tropes against Jews. Just a thought.