Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has called in sick for a couple of days now and the left is beginning to panic. The 85-year-old is recovering from surgery to remove cancer from her lungs, discovered when she went in for x-rays for broken ribs after a fall. It’s been a rough patch for her but I would caution to not count her out so easily. This is the first time she has missed oral arguments at the Supreme Court since she became a Supreme Court Justice.

Ginsburg is a tough old bird. She has battled cancer and continued on with her life in stoic fashion. She’s not a quitter, that’s for sure. The last thing she wants to do is give up and retire from the bench while President Trump is in office. If her health has deteriorated so much that she has no choice, then that is out of her hands but so far there is no indication of an announcement coming any time in the near future.

The court did not indicate how long Ginsburg could be absent, but Chief Justice John Roberts said Tuesday that Ginsburg would participate and read from transcripts and briefs, according to the Journal.

It is not unheard of that a justice participates in cases without being present. The Hill reported that the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist missed oral arguments in 44 cases during his own cancer treatment, and still managed to write for the majority in four of them.

Daniel Epps, an associate professor at Washington University School of Law, told the website that he does not expect Ginsburg, who was appointed by former President Bill Clinton, to step down any time soon.

“We all think she’s highly unlikely to resign under this administration,” he said.

So, she’s going to work from home and still participate in votes taken by the court. The thing about Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently is how far the left has elevated her to celebrity status. She is no longer a mere mortal voting in favor of liberal opinions at the Supreme Court. She is Super Ruth, the Notorious RBG. She’s a badass. A movie about her life was released just before Christmas, “On the Basis of Sex” and she basked in the Hollywood-style opening publicity. The movie is a sequel to the documentary titled “RGB”. Her fans just can’t get enough of her.

While it’s not exactly a sequel to “RBG,” the hit documentary from earlier this year, the film does seem designed primarily for viewers who just can’t get enough Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Viewed through that lens, “On the Basis of Sex” sort of works. As filmmaking, it’s clunky, but as fan service, it’s more effective.

Now that Ginsburg has shown a bit of physical weakness, a bizarre tweet appeared that promotes a science fiction style plan to preserve her. Hopefully, it was just tweeted out as a tongue-in-cheek fantasy but who knows with today’s unhinged left? Roger Simon, a journalist with the Chicago Sun-Times (formerly Politico) tweeted the following idea.

That’s right – how about just giving up one of your own days on earth so that Ruth can live longer? It’s a frequently used idea in science fiction. The life is sucked out of the young and healthy, other human beings, in order to prolong the life of another. But it is fantasy, not a real thing. The left is so panicked that President Trump will get another Supreme Court pick that now we are entering some truly bizarre territory. Last time I checked, that tweet received over 5700 ‘likes’.

Anyway, Ginsburg is not the first to phone it in and her job is a lifetime appointment. She can continue on as long as she wants. I think she should have recused herself from much of the Supreme Court’s votes anyway since she showed her cards when Trump was running for president. She cut loose a couple of times in public with anti-Trump sentiments. But, she apologized and went on her merry way.

Sadly for me, a Republican woman, all this hero worship for Ginsburg rings hollow. The real groundbreaking was done by Republican Sandra Day O’Connor, a Reagan appointment and the first woman on the Supreme Court. Elevating Ginsburg now as though she shattered the imaginary ceiling is rewriting history. I don’t agree with Ginsburg politically but I give her credit for her tenacity and wish her a speedy recovery.