Remember about five months ago when Chelsea Handler’s weekly talk show on Netflix was canceled and she announced she planned to be a full-time political activist? Yeah, that’s over. Evidently she never really left. She’s inked a deal with NBC Universal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Handler signed a multiyear pact to create and develop programming.

The new pact comes five months after Netflix canceled the Handler-hosted talk show Chelsea following a two-season run. The series, the streaming giant’s first talk show, switched from a daily to a weekly format in its second season and simply could not cut through the cluttered late-night landscape. Handler remains in business with Netflix and has an upcoming docuseries exploring the notion of white privilege.

In addition to the Netflix docuseries, Handler is also developing the Hulu scripted dramedy Unspeakable, starring Mary McCormack, and the drama I Hate the Internet for TNT. On the unscripted front, Handler previously executive produced E!’s late-night talk show Hello Ross, which ran for two seasons with host Ross Matthews, as well as the Netflix docuseries Chelsea Does, in which she explored various topics, including marriage, technology and racism.

Oh, good. Just what we all crave, right?  More social justice warrior programming. The thing is, Chelsea Handler is the worst kind of limousine liberal. She recites Democrat talking points and frankly, she doesn’t sound very bright. I watched the Netflix show and if it were not for the frequent f-bombs she dropped, she’d have very little to say. Like a  child, she curses for attention. No wonder the ratings were poor and it was canceled.

Handler despises President Trump and her Netflix talk show devolved into little more than a bash fest on Republicans and the Trump family. Immediately after the 2016 election, her political guest was former Senator Barbara Boxer and both women literally broke down and cried that Hillary Clinton had lost the election. It was a mess.

Maybe NBC hasn’t gotten the memo – a show that appeals to middle America is all the rage now.  Even the folks on both coasts tuned in. Roseanne came in with 18.2 million viewers for the premiere of the reboot.  Finally, a show that can be enjoyed by conservative-leaning people that didn’t insult Trump voters aired and with a very familiar cast.  It was just fun to watch. Thanks to such an immediate and strong approval by the viewing audience, ABC has already renewed the show for another season. Roseanne tweeted her response Friday afternoon.

That is good news indeed.  There are far too many Chelsea Handlers out there cranking out hot takes from their liberal bubbles and far too few shows brave enough to show a different point of view.  Thanks, ABC.