This is the dumbest thing on Twitter today. Several progressives and the Lincoln Project are taking a quote from a Trump rally and claiming President Trump is calling for Joe Biden’s assassination. Here’s what Trump actually said: “That’s why they talk about the 25th Amendment, right. Three weeks. Three weeks in Joe’s shot, let’s go Kamala, are you ready?” Here’s the clip that is being quote tweeted by a lot of people this afternoon:

David Corn from Mother Jones says Trump is talking about an assassination:

Gun control activist Shannon Watts said Trump was “waxing poetic” about a murder:

Keith Olbermann wants Trump arrested:

And the Lincoln Project says it’s a call for assassination:

There are literally thousands of people quote tweeting this and many of them are suggesting it’s a call to violence:

As mentioned above these folks are quote tweeting Andrew Feinberg. Who is he?

Even though thousands of people are liking and retweeting these variations of the same clip, to their credit some on the left are being honest and pushing back.

Shannon Watts isn’t sure but doesn’t really care.

Here’s why it’s very clear that Trump wasn’t talking about assassination or violence. He’s said nearly the same thing before. Last week he told another rally, “They control Biden 100%. Biden is shot. You know he’s shot, right?”

He said the same thing at another rally last month. After discussing the press report about him allegedly calling U.S. military people “losers” Trump said, “Let’s face it. Joe is shot. Let’s face it. He’s shot.”

He also said it twice in this Fox & Friends interview from August:

What he meant was that Biden can’t think straight. You can of course disagree on that point but claiming this is a call for assassination is absurd and irresponsible. Let’s see if any of these folks pull the tweets down and how long it takes to get a fact check on this nonsense out of the Washington Post.