There’s a video that’s getting a lot of attention on Twitter today of a female protester who created quite a scene outside Walter Reed hospital last night. I’m going to take this in chronological order. All of these clips were shot by Brendan Gutenschwager. We start with the scene last night before the protester arrived. It was a bunch of Trump supporters waving flags and cheering for the president to get well.

Pickup trucks with other supporters were coming by and police were doing their best to keep everyone safe and to keep traffic moving:

At some point, this female protester showed up and started calling everyone Nazis. She holds a sign which reads “Trump 2020 = [Nazi flag]” As you can see, there’s an interaction with one guy holding a Trump flag but it doesn’t look like anyone is touched. Nevertheless, the protester says she’s been harassed and “will be filing charges.”

The same woman then tried to talk with police about having the man arrested but as you can see it’s not going very well. She claims her brother was punched in the face. The brother is gone but she wants people arrested for (allegedly) pushing her. It’s not clear if any of this actually happened.

This next clip was posted later, but it happened immediately after the clip above. The officers are explaining that they didn’t witness an assault and she’s shouting at them and trying to lead them to another officer who allegedly did witness it. Eventually this ends with her threatening to file complaints against all of the officers on the scene.

I’m not 100% sure these next two clips are in order but at some point the same woman was trying to interrupt live shots being done by local news crews:

Why is she doing this? She appears to be claiming that media crew members trying to keep her from walking through their live shots are assaulting her.

Now we get to the clip that is circulating widely. The protester is back to claiming the man with the red flag assaulted her. She talking with two different police officers this time and when they try to listen to her story she gets defensive and wants their names and won’t give her name. The police finally give up and walk away.

The alleged victim of harassment appears to be verbally harassing the Trump supporters (note: NSFW language).

In her next attempt to make a report to police she accuses the officers of shooting people in their sleep. I’m guessing this is a reference to the Breonna Taylor shooting, though Taylor wasn’t shot in her sleep. In any case, she’s now threatening to sue all of the officers who are there.

This ends with her and her friend trying to call the police because the half-dozen police on scene aren’t the police she wants. And that seems to be the end of it. What did any of that accomplish? Did she ever file a report? Your guess is as good as mine.