As we await the full Megyn Kelly interview of Tara Reade, the collapse of the #MeToo movement continues. Today, Senator Dianne Feinstein and Sen. Amy Klobuchar were both asked whether they believed Reade’s story by CNN’s Manu Raju:

Here’s Sen. Klobuchar’s response:

Needless to say, this is not at all how Sen. Feinstein felt about the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, Sen. Feinstein directly addressed this at the time saying, “Victims must be able to come forward only when they are ready.”

Here she is less than two years ago quoting the allegation of Ford, Ramirez and Swetnick to push for an FBI investigation. No second-guessing here about why the women hadn’t come forward earlier.


For your own amusement, every time you see Ford’s name in the tweets below, substitute Reade’s name and every time you see Kavanaugh’s name, substitute Biden:

“…the dismissive treatment of Dr. Ford is insulting to all sexual assault survivors.”

That was a theme Feinstein returned to at the time, i.e. this was bigger than just this one allegation. The response of Senators was sending a message to all sexual assault survivors.

“We must send…a message of support.”


Is Feinstein still worried about the message being sent to survivors? Is she still sending a message of support? Apparently not. And Sen. Klobuchar’s about face on this isn’t much different.

Klobuchar even answered the question Feinstein is now raising about why someone like Tara Reade might hesitate to come forward:

It’s just a little difficult to take these Senators seriously when they have done a 180 on #BelieveWomen in less than two years. The fact that Feinstein is now playing the why-didn’t-she-come-forward-sooner-card after specifically ruling that out in writing makes me wonder if she’s even hearing herself at this point.