I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for Mayor Bill de Blasio. Today, de Blasio’s flight to Iowa was canceled so he couldn’t appear in person at an AFL-CIO conference he was scheduled to attend. But, not wanting to miss out on a chance to bore another audience, the mayor decided to appear via video. The result was unintentionally hilarious.

For some reason the audio sounded as if it had been pitch-shifted, making the Mayor sound as if he were calling in from a room filled with helium. As you’ll see, someone tried to fix the connection while the Mayor was talking, which only resulted in a computer window covering his face as the cartoon voice droned on.

Here’s another angle in which you can see the audience reacting with laughter to the mayor’s voice:

Afterward, the person hosting the event apologized and said the glitch had been fixed and de Blasio’s video would play again after another speaker:

The mayor showed a bit of self-deprecating humor about the incident saying it sounded like he was auditioning for Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Of course, he wasn’t the only one making jokes:

Even Jezebel is having fun with this:

This is probably the most attention de Blasio has gotten in a few weeks. He hasn’t met the polling or fundraising threshold for the next debates. But I’d make a token donation to keep his campaign going if he would vow to do this live. At least Mayor Munchkin isn’t quite as boring as the regular de Blasio.