Charlie Rose’s downfall started way back in November of 2017 when the Washington Post published a devastating story in which eight women accused him of sexual harassment. One day later he was fired by CBS and by PBS. The Post followed up with a story in May of 2018 in which 27 women accused Rose of harassment. Three women filed a lawsuit against Rose the next day and in September Rose attempted to have that lawsuit dismissed. This week, the three women involved in the suit added new allegations in an effort avoid a dismissal. From the Hollywood Reporter:

Three women who accuse Charlie Rose of repeated sexual harassment were back in court Monday with arguments and affidavits intended to save a discrimination and retaliation lawsuit against the former co-anchor of CBS This Morning. In new court papers, an attorney for the women writes that “Rose was one person on TV but another in real life” and looks to hold him accountable under the New York City Human Rights Law framed as “among the country’s farthest-reaching and comprehensive anti-harassment laws.”…

“He would sit on the bench outside the broadcast studio and would require me to sit next to him,” she states. “On at least one occasion, I was wearing a skirt and, as I sat down, Rose intentionally placed his hand on the bench so that my buttocks landed on his hand and he kept his hand under me. On at least one other occasion, I was wearing a skirt and, after I sat down on the bench, Rose sat down and intentionally slid his hand under my buttocks.”

Rose “would constantly touch me and squeeze me in a dominating and degrading manner,” adds McNeal. “Rose did not touch male employees in the way that he touched me.”

McNeal also says that in front of her and Harris, Rose would undress, and on other occasions would grab them and plant wet kisses on the cheek. “Submission to Rose’s conduct was a term and condition of my employment,” she submits.

Rose continues to deny all the allegations through his attorney saying the claims are “baseless.”

The same three women also sued CBS News and reached a settlement with the network last December. The amount of the settlement was not released. Would the three women also accept a settlement from Charlie Rose? If so, the addition of these new allegations could be seen as part of the negotiation process over how much money will be involved. But given the number of other potential lawsuits out there, Rose may be looking to minimize the cost of his (alleged) behavior. After all, he doesn’t have a job anymore and isn’t likely to find another one in his field anytime soon.