CNN’s Jim Sciutto is asking that question of Rep. Karen Bass who tries to dodge and get back to the Dems latest talking points.

“Did Democrats, in your view, unfairly hang that allegation over his head without evidence sufficient to support it?” Sciutto asked.

“No, I don’t believe that we did at all,” Bass replied. “To me, this is an important milestone but we still have a long way to go,” Bass added. In other words, the conclusion of the Mueller investigation is just the start of the Democrats endless focus on this.

Sciutto didn’t let it go. “Robert Mueller was very clear on the question of collusion, laying it out in the language quoted by Bill Barr,” he said. “And yet hours before that summary was released you have Adam Schiff, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, of course, one of your colleagues, saying that he has seen ‘significant evidence of collusion,'” Sciutto continued. “If that’s true that Democrats have seen that evidence should they not release that evidence to back up that allegation despite what the special counsel has now found?” he asked.

Bass suggested that Schiff as the Chairman of House Intelligence was privy to classified information that she could not speak to. She’s not suggesting that Schiff has some ultra-secret information that even Mueller doesn’t know about, is she? It certainly sounded that way to Jim Sciutto.

“If you’re demanding the full Mueller report, isn’t it only fair to say well if Democrats are saying there’s significant evidence that we have or holding close to our vest —to back it up if you’re making a public allegation,” Sciutto pressed.

“I think the public should and we will see when that happens,” Bass replied.

Yes, I’m sure we’ll see that happen any day now. After all, Schiff has been claiming for months that he’s seen evidence of collusion. Maybe now he’ll finally show it like Derek Zoolander revealing “Magnum” before a stunned audience.

That or maybe this is just another cynical attempt to avoid responsibility for months of irresponsible speculation backed up by nothing. And it should be noted, a lot of that speculation took place day after day on CNN. But I guess it’s something that they’re finally showing a hint of genuine skepticism about these claims.