People on social media have been wondering what is going on with Florida’s weird criminals for years. Recently someone who goes by “gandolfsoda” capitalized on the trend by launching a simple game on tumblr: Do a Google search for “Florida man” followed by your birthday and report back what you find. That got picked up on Twitter by “swervin merv” and the idea went viral.

At this point, there are multiple news stories about the trend but it’s not hard to see why it caught on when you look at some of the hilarious and disturbing responses:

This next one could happen to anyone.

Drugs are a recurring theme in a lot of these stories.

And of course alcohol:

Being a weird pervert is the other recurring theme:

Some stories manage to merge the two themes:

I hope this one isn’t real:

There really doesn’t seem to be an end to these and depending on your birthday you may have several “Florida man” stories to choose from.

Of course, I had to look up my own Florida man story but several of the ones from my birthdate are really dark, like this one:


But I did find one that better suits the mood of the challenge, from 2017: