There aren’t many inviolable rules of politics but one that I admire is the one that says: Leave the freaking kids out of it! It’s fair game to after the president and his wife for whatever reason, it’s not okay to start writing mean girl stories about Barron Trump who is just a kid. The same goes for President Obama’s daughters and really all kids whose parents work in politics unless and until they voluntarily enter the political world as adults.

So the other day the Daily Mail posted a clickbait piece featuring a picture of Malia Obama holding a bottle of wine. The hook for the story was that Malia is only 20 and therefore not of legal drinking age. I’m not going to link the story because it’s garbage. But pretty quickly you had people on the left banging out tweets blaming the right for allegedly “frothing at the mouth” over this big Malia Obama scoop. This tweet has 40k likes:

This one making the same point at almost the same exact time has 62k likes:

And here’s one with 48k likes:

Tens of thousands of people on the left are angry and ready to crush these right-wing hypocrites. Bring on the evil right-wingers so we can drag them! Okay, here they come:

Wait, that’s not right. Let me find the real villains:

I’m reaching here:

Watson makes a good comparison. It was only about a month ago that conservatives were supposedly outraged over a video of AOC dancing during her college days. In that case, the NY Times, Newsweek, and other outlets ran stories about the alleged outrage but failed to include any examples. It was a kind of phantom menace. Liberals were outraged over attacks that almost no one on the right was making.

The left is clearly eager to lash out at almost anyone the right whether they be Catholic high school kids or denizens of Chicago’s notorious MAGA country. In the case of the AOC dance video and this Malia Obama story, conservatives can even be saying the opposite pretty consistently all day long and still tens of thousands of people are getting themselves worked up over the idea of the offense, even if actual examples are few and far between. This story is evidence of an ongoing political problem, it’s just not the one the left thinks it is.