As far as presidential trolling goes, this is hot stuff. Trump tweeted out a two-minute clip of his State of the Union featuring the sour, exasperated faces of Democrats set to the tune “Everybody hurts” by REM.

The clip itself was created by a Twitter user named @carpedonktum who specializes in pro-Trump clips like this one. He is already making jokes about his new found fame:

Something tells me he’s going to get that call from Tucker Carlson very soon if he hasn’t already.

The mockery in the clip seems a bit at odds with the unity Trump called for during the actual SOTU, but to be fair, other than the maudlin song, there are no special effects here. The faces in the video are all real reactions to the speech itself.

REM members are all pretty liberal so I’m guessing we’ll be hearing complaints from them very soon. Carpe Donktum has used this same REM song before in a clip from last year about Hillary losing the election. Let’s face it, this video of Ben Rhodes was very ripe for mockery:

But both of those clips are pretty tame compared to some of the others he has created. His most recent one seems pretty random until you get to the part about cows:

That’s pretty funny.