The Arizona Secretary of State’s office has put out another updated vote tally as it tries to work through the backlog of 650,000 mail-in votes it still had to count the morning after the election. The plan is to update the totals once a day at 5 pm until there are no votes left to count. Yesterday, that resulted in Democrat Kyrsten Sinema taking the lead in the race for the first time since election night. As I pointed out here, Sinema had a lead of about 9,000 votes. Today’s update put Sinema even further into the lead:

As you can see, Sinema now leads 991,189 votes to McSally’s 970,986 votes. That’s a difference of about 20,000 votes, just more than double yesterday’s lead. The county recorder for Maricopa County, where 60% of Arizonans live, is also tweeting out the progress. Yesterday he said there were 345,000 votes left to count in his county.

Today that number dropped to 266,000, which means they got through about 80,000 votes in the past 24 hours.

Again, that number is just from one county but it’s the largest one by far. At this rate (assuming the pace is the same over the weekend) it will take 3-4 more days to complete the count. So maybe Monday or Tuesday we’ll know the result. The trend keeps helping Sinema and the close watchers seem to agree that trend appears likely to continue.