Here we go again. An Antifa group in Washington, DC has decided to protest Tucker Carlson by showing up at his house at night with a bullhorn. From the Hollywood Reporter:

An anti-fascist group called Smash Racism DC announced the protest in a video posted late Wednesday: “BREAKING. Activists ring doorbell, hold protest at the Washington DC area home of @TuckerCarlson, racist, sexist, bigoted FOX News personality. So far no one has opened the door.”

“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!” the protesters chanted. “We know where you sleep at night!”

Carlson, one of the network’s biggest stars, has previously been targeted by activists. In a podcast last month, the host said he can’t dine out at restaurants anymore (except for one) because people keep yelling obscenities at him.

This is the same group that drove Sen. Ted Cruz and his wife out of a restaurant in September. You can’t actually see any faces here so I have no idea if it’s the same individuals, but the video is posted on the same Twitter account.

Some of these chants are so on the nose I have to wonder if these people are just trying to get themselves on television: “No borders! No walls! No USA at all!”

Here’s the last one (so far):

Clearly, this is supposed to be threatening. Chanting, “we know where you sleep at night” is an implied threat from a group that openly embraces the use of vandalism, arson, and violence to achieve political ends. I doubt Tucker Carlson would be frightened even if he were home, but according to his Wikipedia page he has four kids. Harassing someone’s kids like this should really be off limits to decent human beings, but it’s Antifa so…

It helps that the turnout here isn’t very impressive. Are there are even ten of them? This act definitely worked better in a small restaurant where a few people shouting seemed really loud and obnoxious. Out on the sidewalk at night, it’s just lame. But again, I don’t know how old Carlson’s kids are and if they’re home feeling threatened by this. I hope not.

I guess Don Lemon will need to adjust his defense of Antifa. His previous take was that Ted Cruz “signed up for” harassment of the kind he experienced in the restaurant when he ran for office. But Tucker Carlson never ran for office. So I wonder what excuse Lemon will use this time. The revolution always eats its own, Don. Eventually, they’ll show up at your house too.

Update: It looks like Twitter removed some of the Antifa account’s tweets and maybe encouraged them to remove all of the videos of them harassing Tucker Carlson.

Here’s one of the clips. Not sure how long this will stay up:

Here’s another one: