Alyssa Milano has become a leading #MeToo activist and has recently taken on the crusade to kill the Kavanaugh nomination. She’s been tweeting at a lot of the key senators in the past few days and urging them to vote no. Yesterday Milano appeared on Chris Cuomo’s show to offer her views which, frankly, aren’t any different than your average progressive Democrat. She’s against Kavanaugh because he might be against Roe v Wade, etc. But toward the end of this interview, Chris Cuomo challenged her by bringing up Bill Clinton.

“Look at Bill Clinton. He was accused of a lot of ugly things, some of it he had to admit and yet people were fine with him and saying you have to judge him by more than him at his worst,” Cuomo said. He asked, “Should Kavanaugh get the same benefit of the doubt?”

“No and I don’t think Bill Clinton should have gotten that benefit of the doubt in hindsight,” Milano replied. She continued, “I think that as a nation we were in a different time. I think that women were continually being silenced. And I think we gave him the benefit of the doubt and we probably should have investigated the allegations against him as well.”

She added, “This is not about partisan politics to me, this is about humanity.”

What absolute garbage. Chris Cuomo’s look of surprise at this sudden turn is perfect. This is reminiscent of Sen. Gillibrand suddenly deciding that Bill Clinton should have resigned after years of being grateful for his support. It’s a surprise only because it’s so utterly cynical. Milano’s excuse here, that it was a different time back in 1998, doesn’t hold up. She was expressing her undying love for Bill as recently as 2012:

And just two years ago she was rooting for Hillary to win the election which would have put Bill back on the main stage and back in the White House. I don’t remember her doing any badmouthing of Bill then. But suddenly she’s had a change of heart. What changed? Could it be the fact that having lost two runs for the White House the Clintons are now yesterday’s news?

Put it this way, does anyone think Alyssa Milano would be saying this if Hillary had won the 2016 election? No, I don’t think so. It’s far more likely she’d be accepting invitations to the White House and taking chummy photos with Bill Clinton.

The left’s hypocrisy on this issue seems boundless. They wouldn’t hold the Clintons to account when it mattered but now that it doesn’t matter they’re happy to throw them under the bus to add some grit to the wheels. And even then, they’ll only bring up Bill if confronted on national TV. He’s never part of the crusade, proving this has everything to do with partisan politics.

Here’s the interview. The part about Bill Clinton comes about five minutes in.