It’s good to be Bill Clinton. While Eric Schneiderman resigned his position within hours and Bill Cosby was convicted and could finally be going to jail, former President Clinton still has people willing to do their best to prevent anything from being awkward for him. Case in point, today Monica Lewinsky tweeted that she’d been disinvited from an event put on by Town and Country magazine after Bill Clinton decided to attend:

HuffPost reports Bill Clinton was there to introduce Emma Gonzalez and several other pro-gun control Parkland students. But even the progressive news site found Lewinsky’s disinvitation in favor of Bill a bit hard to understand:

Lewinsky, who famously had an affair with Clinton when he was in office, has seen her profile and reputation rise along with the current Me Too moment. Many have acknowledged the sexist way she was villainized by the press and many politicians in the ’90s. She was sent into exile for years, as she’s written, while Clinton’s reputation as an elder statesman only grew.

The move by Town & Country struck many as exactly the wrong thing to do ― particularly at a time when women are finally being heard when it comes to issues of sexual harassment.

In response to the HuffPost article, Clinton’s spokesman claimed on Twitter that the former President had no idea Lewinsky had been invited and had not hand in having her disinvited:

I don’t really believe that’s the case, at least I see no reason to assume it’s true. But even if Clinton didn’t demand Lewinsky be removed from the program, that’s only because Town and Country magazine anticipated (no doubt correctly) that Bill would not want to run into her at their event and disinvited her without his even having to ask. They did that because they knew it would be extremely awkward for Bill to run into Monica at their event. They were protecting his reputation in a sense.

The question is why? Why is Bill Clinton still being treated like a celebrity? Yes, he’s a former president, but don’t the accusations of sexual assault and rape count for something in the #MeToo era? At this event he’s introducing women activists who aren’t much younger than Monica was when he started an affair with her in the White House. None of his past problems seem to bother anyone involved.

All you need to do to understand how blatant the left-wing hypocrisy here is ask yourself if Town and Country would have disinvited Stormy Daniels because President Trump agreed to attend. It’s probably hard to imagine that happening because we all know President Trump would never be invited to such a gathering in the first place. But if he somehow were invited, the magazine wouldn’t dare disinvite Stormy Daniels. On the contrary, they would make sure she was on hand to silently rebuke him. Why? Because they see Trump as a bad guy, i.e. someone who slept with porn stars and cheated on his wife and who talked about grabbing the private parts of women he didn’t even know in that infamous Access Hollywood recording.

In other words, he behaved a lot like Bill Clinton.

A few months ago there were a bunch of progressives ruefully admitting that Clinton seemed to be a real creep, one who probably should have left office and who definitely didn’t deserve the defense he got from most of the media at the time. But here we are a few months later and nothing has changed. Bill is still a star and Monica is still a problem to be shuffled out of his way. It really does seem that won’t ever change.