James Shaw, the man who disarmed the Waffle House shooter, may be on his way to the White House for a meeting with President Trump. From USA Today:

Asked Tuesday whether President Donald Trump had called James Shaw Jr., White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that a trip to the White House may be in the works.

“My understanding is that there has been an outreach effort to bring him here to the White House, and I’ll keep you updated on that as I have more information,” she said.

Shaw, 29, who was a customer at the South Nashville restaurant, is credited with saving numerous lives after he wrestled an AR-15 out of the hands of Travis Reinking, whom police say opened fire about 3:25 a.m. on April 22.

President Trump hasn’t tweeted about Shaw’s actions but VP Pence sent this out last week, praising Shaw’s courage and calling him an “American HERO.”

Shaw has continued acting like a hero since the shooting. A GoFundMe page he set up hoping to raise $15,000 has raised over $200,000 which he says will be distributed to the families of the victims. If anyone deserves a trip to the White House where he can be help up as an example of an everyday hero, it’s James Shaw.

But even before Shaw’s invitation to the White House is worked out, he’s had some very good things happening to him. Earlier today he appeared on the Ellen show where he said his two favorite things in life were his daughter and basketball. In particular, Shaw is a fan of Dwayne Wade. At that point in the interview, a curtain opened and Dwayne Wade entered and sat down next to Shaw. Wade told him that when he talks to his own children about the kind of people he wants them to become, he tells them to emulate Shaw. That has to feel pretty good coming from someone you admire for their behavior on and off the court. Here’s the clip: