The flood of accusations against Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood moguls and stars continues today and doesn’t seem likely to stop anytime soon. Over at our sister-publication Townhall, author Christine Rousselle points out that former child actor Corey Feldman has been talking about sexual abuse in Hollywood for years in a way that seems to anticipate the revelations we’re seeing now. Rousselle highlights a clip of Feldman appearing on The View in 2013 (h/t the Daily Wire) where his accusation about pedophiles in Hollywood is met with astonishment and disbelief:

To his credit, Feldman has been making this claim very consistently for years. In 2011 he gave an interview to ABC’s Nightline in which he spelled out some of what he (and his friend and fellow child actor Corey Haim) experienced as children. “There was a circle of older men that surrounded themselves around this group of kids,” Feldman said. He continued, “And they all had either their own power or connections to great power in the entertainment industry.” Later in the interview, he says, “There are a lot of people in this industry who have gotten away with it for so long that they feel they are above the law.” Here’s the ABC report:

That would certainly be an apt description of Harvey Weinstein, who assaulted and allegedly raped women for decades with no one daring to speak out about it. So who was responsible for the abuse of Feldman and Haim? That remains a mystery. Last year, Radar Online claimed it had information on a “superstar sexual predator” who had abused Corey Haim as a child but the publication said it had chosen not to name him:

RadarOnline is choosing not to name the superstar sexual predator at this time, but can reveal that he is one of the most recognizable faces in the industry…

Reporters from Radar have spoken to dozens of sources, who have revealed how Haim pinpointed his depraved abuser in the final years of his troubled life…

The individual — a household name and revered by millions around the globe — had systematically abused him as a young boy, both on-and-off set, in their trailers and at parties attended by other A-List actors, Haim told friends.

Dylan Howard, the author of that Radar piece wrote a previous installment in 2013 stating he had secured audio tape from 1993 of Feldman telling police about his molestation as a child:

We have uncovered a recording of the Stand By Me actor’s interview with Santa Barbara sheriffs, recorded in December 1993 when he was aged 22, during which he told them: “I myself was molested.”

The grilling was part of the sheriffs’ investigation into his close pal Michael Jackson who, at the time, was facing child molestation charges brought by Jordy Chandler and his family.

Shockingly, Feldman actually named his alleged abusers — we have excluded them from the excerpt, below — but the detectives expressed little interest in investigating the monsters, instead lasering in on the “King Of Pop” instead.

So it seems the information is out there and has been for decades, just as it was with regard to Harvey Weinstein. Maybe the tide has turned a little in Hollywood this week such that someone will finally name names.