In May, Anthony Weiner pleaded guilty to sexting a 15-year-old girl. His sentencing is coming up Monday and he could face a maximum of 10 years in prison. Prosecutors are asking that he spend about two years in jail, pointing out that his crime went way beyond sexting. From the New York Post:

Legal papers filed ahead of Weiner’s sentencing next week say the serial sexter took part in three video chat sessions via Skype during which the girl “made clear that she was not just a minor — she was, in fact, only ​​15 years old.”

“That did not stop Weiner,” the feds wrote.

“During the latter two Skype sessions, on February 18 and 23, 2016, and in a Shapchat communication on March 9, the defendant used graphic and obscene language to ask the Minor Victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did.”

As for Weiner’s defense, he claims he is getting help for his “deep sickness” and has turned over a new leaf. But prosecutors point out that he’s said this all before. From the Associated Press:

The government said Weiner’s “widely-reported prior scandals” were not criminal in nature and did not involve minors but should be considered at sentencing because they reveal a familiar pattern.

“He initially denied his conduct; he suffered personal and professional consequences; he publicly apologized and claimed reform. Yet, he has, on multiple occasions, continued to engage in the very conduct he swore off, progressing from that which is self-destructive to that which is also destructive to a teenage girl,” prosecutors said.

They added: “Weiner’s demonstrated history of professed, yet failed, reform make it difficult to rely on his present claim of self-awareness and transformation.”

As part of his plea deal, Weiner agreed not to contest a sentence of 21 to 27 months. We’ll find out what he gets Monday but it will probably be near the top of that range.

As someone who was blogging about Weiner the first time he was caught, it’s amazing to see how far he has fallen. After his initial claims that his account was hacked (the toaster is loyal) there was a long weekend when it seemed Weiner was going to get away with it. That was followed by the greatest impromptu press conference of all time.

At the time it seemed Weiner’s eventual press conference would definitely be the low point of his career. Who knew he would go so much lower.