At a protest held in New York City Thursday night, Michael Moore told the crowd they were living in a dangerous time because there was “a sociopath in the White House.”

“I’m sorry to say this,” Moore said. “We’re in a very dangerous moment in history where a malignant narcissist and a sociopath is in the Oval Office. This is a very dangerous moment,” he repeated. He was clearly referring to President-elect Trump even though he hasn’t assumed the Oval Office yet.

After pitching his fear-filled view of America, Moore suggested people would need to face off against federal authorities when they come to New York to deport illegal immigrants. He also asked people to sign up if the government creates a registry of Muslim-Americans.

“We’re going to win, folks!” Moore promised. “A little bit of pain. A little bit of discomfort. But a lot of work on our part will stop this man. He will not last the four years,” he said. Moore originally made this prediction that Trump would be impeached and not finish out his term back on November 11th, on MSNBC Morning Joe.

Moore concluded his speech with a recommendation that people make fun of Trump at every opportunity. “I’m telling you my friends, this is how he’ll implode. It’s his Achilles’ heel,” he said. “Let’s form an army of comedy and we will bring him down!” he said.

Other celebrities at tonight’s anti-Trump protest included Alec Baldwin, Robert DeNiro, Shailene Woodley, Mark Ruffalo and Cher.

Moore’s comments about Trump start around 7:20 into this clip: