A terrorist drove a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers, killing 4 and wounding more than a dozen others. All of the victims were in their 20s. The driver, who was shot and killed at the scene, is believed to have been an ISIS supporter. From the Jerusalem Post:

Three unidentified female soldiers and one male soldier, all in their early 20s – including an officer and three cadets – were declared dead at the scene, which was called a mass-casualty incident.

According to the IDF spokesman, an additional two cadets were seriously wounded, and 15 other officers and cadets sustained less severe wounds. Some 300 soldiers were in the area at the time of the attack, the IDF said.

Prime Minister Netanyahu identified the terrorist by name and said he appeared to be an ISIS supporter but did not go into more detail.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who visited the scene with Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman shortly after the 1:30 p.m. attack, said the terrorist was identified as Fadi al-Qanbar, from the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, long a hotbed of incitement and violence.

“We know the identity of the attacker, and according to all the signs, he is a supporter of Islamic State,” Netanyahu said, without elaborating.

Defense Minister Liberman added, “This brutal attack is obviously not because of any other reason but one: Because we are Jews and we live here in Israel.” He then made a pointed comment referencing Jewish settlements, the focus of a recent UN resolution supported by the Obama administration, “There was no other reason, and no need to look for an excuse – not Jewish settlements and negotiations, but an attack inspired by ISIS.”

An IDF spokesman noted that a Hamas TV channel was celebrating the attack as heroic:

Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted out photos of the four killed in the attack:

Fox News reported this was the 51st attack against Israel using a vehicle as a weapon since 2015: