The son of a Republican congressman tried to add a “dab” to his father’s official photo and was asked to stop by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Rep. Roger Marshall was sworn into Congress today. Afterwards the Kansas Republican was taking a photo with his family and House Speaker Paul Ryan. This is the sort of photo you would want as a memorial of the moment, something that could even be important to future generations of the Marshall family.

Unfortunately, one member of the Marshall clan decided what the moment needed was a “dab.” If you aren’t familiar with it the “dab” it’s a dance move which got picked up by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton as part of his touchdown celebration. You can watch a 4 minute long compilation of Newton doing the dab here if you’re so inclined.

When Rep. Marshall’s son tried to “dab” during the photo, his father and the rest of the Marshall family had already turned toward the camera and didn’t see it. But Speaker Ryan did. “You alright?” Ryan asked the younger Marshall. “Do you want to put your hand down? Are you going to sneeze?” Ryan continued.

By this point Rep. Marshall had turned around and the son relented and put his arm down for the picture. A moment after the photo was taken and the Marshall family was moving on, Ryan put his hand on the son and said, “Don’t worry about it.” Later, Speaker Ryan tweeted that he still didn’t know what the “dab” was.

As for Rep. Marshall, he tweeted at the Speaker that his son was grounded:

Here’s the video. Watch the kid in the red sweater trying to make his dad’s big moment extra-special.